Mondo Post Production

Mondo post production covers any process that can be used to change the quality or content of your footage. This includes the addition or removal of objects from your scene as well as the addition of text or other graphical elements.

  • Chroma Keying - incorporating greenscreen footage into existing backplates

  • Visual effects for scene augmentation - lighting effects, particle simulations eg. sparkles, smoke, dust etc.

  • Wire removal/ scene clean up - removing objects that shouldn't be there

  • Painting/ CG replacement - adding objects or textures that should be there

  • Motion Graphics - text and graphical overlays

  • Opening titles and end credits

  • Compositing - incorporating all or any of the above into existing footage

Lighting Effects, graphical and text overlays for ad bumpers

Client: ITV
Show: Dancing on Ice
Footage styled to create graphical overlays for NCAA Basketball promo

Client: ESPN
Show: NCAA Basketball

Production design, editing and animation for 15 minute documentary

Client: Victoria & Albert Museum
Exhibition: Trajan 1900
Compositing work for 'Black Widow' music video - Watch on Youtube

Agency: Lutimedia
Artist: Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora

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